The National-division and ‘War-Politics’ in Korea

Dans le cadre du séminaire d’Alain Delissen « Histoire de la Corée moderne : transition historiographique ? »

Kim Dong-Choon

professeur de sociologie
SungKongHoe University (Séoul), invité de l’EHESS

donne une conférence intitulée

” The National-division and ‘War-Politics’ in Korea “

le 16 janvier 2020 à 13-15h
dans la salle de conférences (RdC), Maison d’Asie, 22, avenue du Pdt Wilson.

South Korea was established as a divided nation-state under the geopolitical circumstance in which the Korean Peninsula stood at the forefront of the Cold War. The Korean War started as a full-fledged civil war, then developed into an international war, followed immediately by an ideological national division. These characteristics of Korea’s national division made South Korean politics different from that of former West Germany. The national division forced by two globally confronting blocs created a chronic deficit of national sovereignty in erecting diplomatic policies as well as managing internal politics, which I call the ‘War-Politics’ in the struggles over political power and workings of ‘liberty’,’ democracy’, and ‘welfare’. This lectures will address the way in which the national division, as an internal from of the Cold War, have affected the making of War-Politics in South Korea.

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