The Korean War Revisited – The Korean War as Massive State Violence

Dans le cadre du séminaire d’Alain Delissen « Histoire de la Corée moderne : transition historiographique ? »

Kim Dong-Choon

professeur de sociologie
SungKongHoe University (Séoul), invité de l’EHESS

donne une conférence intitulée

The Korean War Revisited – The Korean War as Massive State Violence”

le 31 janvier 2020 à 10-12h
dans la salle de conférences (RdC), Maison d’Asie, 22, avenue du Pdt Wilson.


This lecture focuses on the socio-political aspects of the Korean War and its’ aftermaths We can pick the Korean War as one of the most important event that took place on the Korean Peninsula during the 20th century. No accurate understanding of contemporary South Korean economy, society, laws, social psychology, and ideologies is possible without a full understanding of the Korean War itself. Among several aspects of the Korean War, the state violence and mass killings that occurred before and during the war may be the most unknown and sensitive chapter. The very occurrences or the way how South Korean politics and society have systematically concealed or handled them may show the workings of contemporary South Korean politics and society. Through the prism of these sequences of incidents, we can understand the origin of South Korean society and more deeply.

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