« The Case of Sin Ch’aeho: a Nationalist Appropriation of Confucianism? »

Dans le cadre de sa venue à Paris au sein du programme d’échange européen, EPEL, le professeur Vladimir Tikhonov/Pak Noja (Oslo University) donnera la conférence suivante au séminaire du CRC de 14h à 16h, Grand Salon, Maison de l’Asie :


“The Case of Sin Ch’aeho: a Nationalist Appropriation of Confucianism?”

Speaker’s bio:

Born in Leningrad (St-Petersburg) in the former USSR (1973) and educated at St-Petersburg State University (MA:1994) and Moscow State University (Ph.D. in ancient Korean history, 1996). Vladimir Tikhonov (Korean name – Pak Noja) has worked for Russian State University of Humanities (1996), KyungHee University (1997-2000) and for Oslo University as associate professor (2000-2006) and as a full professor (from 2006). His main field is the history of ideas in early modern Korea, particularly Social Darwinist influences in the formative period of Korean nationalism in the 1880s-1910s. Another major area of Tikhonov’s research is the history of Korean Buddhism in modern times, particularly in connection with nationalism and militarist violence. His book, Usǔng yǒlp’ae ǔi sinhwa (The Myth of the Survival of the Fittest, 2005) is one of the first monographic studies of Social Darwinism in modern Korea and its relations to Korean nationalism. The same topic has been dealt with in English in his Social Darwinism and Nationalism in Korea: The Beginnings (1880s-1910s) (Brill, 2010). He also regularly contributes to South Korea’s liberal and progressive media, including daily Hangyoreh and weekly Hangyoreh21

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