The Review of Korean Studies vol. 9 n. 3

King Sejong’s Leadership and the Politics of Inventing the Korean Alphabet / Yoo Mi-rim

Re-Thinking “Independence” of Science and Technology during King Sejong’s Reign / Moon Joong-Yang

The Role of King Sejong in Establishing the Confucian Ritual Code / Kang Sook Ja

King Sejong’s Confucian Rule by Law: Focusing on the relationship between law and rule by benevolence / Park Young-Do

Royal Education of Princes in the Reign of King Sejong / Jung Jae-Hoon

The Aggressive National Defense Posture Taken during the Reign of King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty / Lee Jee Kyoung

The Digitized Tripitaka Koreana 2004: Benefits and Challenges in East Asian Buddhist Studies / Kim Jongmyung

Korean Christian Women’s Counter-Ideologies to Japanese Colonial Policies, 1937-1945 / Yoon Jung-ran

A Study on the Research History of Cheonbugyeong / Kim Kyung Il

The Religious Revolution in Modern Korean History: From ethics to theology and from ritual hegemony to religious freedom / Don Baker

[Review] On Yom Sang-seop’s Masterpiece, Three Generations / Jang Seong-su

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