The Review of Korean Studies vol. 9 n. 4

The Relationship between Joseon Envoys and Western Missionaries in Beijing in the Early 18th Century: Focusing on Lee Gi-ji’s Iramyeon-gi / Yoo Mi-rim

Too Rational To Be Modernized? Confucian Rationality and Political Modernity in Traditional Korea / Kim Sung-moon

The Experience of Visiting Catholic Churches in Beijing and the Recognition of Western Learning Reflected in the Journals of Travel to Beijing / Shin Ik-Cheol

Hong Dae-yong’s Beijing Travels and His Changing Perception of the West?Focusing on Eulbyeong yeonhaengnok and Uisan mundap / Lee Hyung-dae

The Perception of the West in Yeonhaeng gasa in the 18th and 19th Century / Yu Jeong-Sun

Korea as Represented in Eighteenth-Century French Travel Literature / Jeong Eun-Jin

British Perceptions of Joseon Korea as Reflected in Travel Literature of the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century / Grace Koh

The Aspect of Dialectic Philosophy in Dasan Jeong Yag-yong’s Exposition of Yijing / Bang In

[Book Review] Kindai Chosen no Koyo Shisutemu to Nihon: Seido no Ishoku to Seisei / Woo Jongwon

[Book Review] Nuclear North Korea: A Debate on Engagement Strategy / Chung Young Chul

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