The Review of Korean Studies Vol.10 ; No.1

Guest Editor’s Introduction / 김종명

Buddhist Daily Rituals in Korea: Their Structure and Meaning / 김종명

The Religion of the Heavenly Way’s Sunday Service in Korea: Its Meaning and / 고병철

The Structure and Characteristics of Sunday Worship in Korean Protestant / 박상원

The Errors in Korea’s Constitution and Liberal Constitutionalism / 민경국

The Inflow of Western Knowledge and the Process of Internalization:Comparison of The Grass Roof and Der Yalu Fliesst / 임선애

Korea: A Hermit Nation? / Edward

Dongasia godaeui yeoseong sasang: Yeoseong juuiro bon Yugyo / 박진영

Landlords, Peasants and Intellectuals in Modern Korea / 김기승

Towards Korean Reconciliation: Socio-Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation / 손혜경

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