The Review of Korean Studies Vol.10 ; No.2

Guest Editor’s Introduction / Guest Editor’s Introduction

A Comparative Analysis of the Changes in the Values and Attitudes Toward Gender Equality and Gender Roles in Korea / Eun Ki-Soo

The New Political Culture and Political Participation: A Cross-National and Cross-Civilization Assessment / Chung Chulhee

A Comparative Analysis of Democratic Consolidations After the Third Wave of Democratization / Kim Byeong Jo

Characteristics of the Work-Leisure Relations in Korea / Jo Dong-Gi

[Articles] Byeon Yeongman: Colonial Korea’s Alternative Modernity? / Vladimir Tikhonov (Pak Noja)

[Articles] The Varieties of Women’s Wage Work in Colonial Korea / Janice C. H. Kim

[Articles] ROK-U.S. Military Alliance and the Future of Korea’s Defense Policy / Zannou Andre Corneille

[Articles] Competing Memories of Japanese Colonization and Resistance: A Study of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese Textbooks / Sin Ju-Back

[Keynote Speech] The World Inside Korea. How Have We Communicated with the World? / Jeong Su-il

[Book Reviews] Hanguk eui yen munhwasa (A Cultural History of Korean Prophecy) / Boudewign Walraven

[Book Reviews] Pioneers of Korean Studies / Hwasook Nam

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