KOREA JOURNAL vol 47- n. 2 (Summer 2007)

Jang Sukman
[On this topic] The “Religious” in Contemporary Korean Culture
Yoo Ki Bbeum
Looking for Salvation beyond a Risk-laden Reality: The Religious Nature of Korean Internet Culture
Park Sang Un
“Beauty Will Save You”: The Myth and Ritual of Dieting in Korean Society
Lim Hyunsoo
A Religious Analysis of Education Fever in Modern Korea

Kim Kuentae
Distinctive Characteristics of the Joseon Dynasty’s Fiscal Policy in the Nineteenth Century
Ellen Van Goethem
The Status of Descendants of the Baekje Kingdom during Emperor Kanmu’s Reign
Joo Jong-Taick
Korean Return migrants from Brazil: Ethnic and Economic Aspects
Kang Jung In
Politics and Truth: An Analysis of Richard E. Kim’s Novel, The Martyred
Kim Jinwung
A Policy of Amateurism: The Rice Policy of the U.S. Army Military Government in Korea, 1945-1948

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