KOREA JOURNAL Vol.47 No.4 (Winter 2007)

Toward a Multicultural Society?


Cho Uhn
[On this topic] Toward a Multicultural Society?

Han Kyung-Koo
The Archaeology of the Ethnically Homogeneous Nation-State and Multiculturalism in Korea

Han Geon-Soo
Multicultural Korea: Celebration or Challenge of Multiethnic Shift in Contemporary Korea?

Eun Mee Kim and Jean S. Kang
Seoul as a Global City with Ethnic Villages

Kim Hyun Mee
The State and Migrant Women: Diverging Hopes in the Making of “Multicultural Families” in Contemporary Korea

Choe Hyun
South Korean Society and Multicultural Citizenship

Kim Sung Gun
Korean Protestant Christianity in the Midst of of Globalization: Neoliberalism and the Pentecostalization of Korean Churches

Park Kun Young
The Evolution of Anti-Americanism in Korea: Policy Implications for the United States

Kim Nam-Kook
Constitution and Citizenship in a Multicultural Korea: Limitations of a Republican Approach

Lee Sin-Cheol
Korea-China-Japan Historical Disputes: Structure and Alternatives

[Book Reviews]

Samuel Gerald Collins
Kimchi and Information Technology: Tradition and Transformation in Korea

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