The Review of Korean Studies Vol.10 ; No.3 (2007)

◈ [Guest Editor’s Introduction] A Philosophical Inquiry of Family in Korean Culture1 / Kim Heisook
◈ The Meaning of ‘Filial Piety’ and Ethics of Care in the Korean Family / Kim Seseoria
◈ The Family Culture in Korean Narrative Literature: Focusing on ‘Maternity vs. Anti-Maternity’ / Kang Jin-ok
◈ Individuals in Family and Marriage Relations in Confucian Context / Kim Heisook
◈ Family Relation and the Philosophy of Emotion / Kim Hyu-ryun
◈ Family as a Philosophical Issue from a Japanese Perspective / Sakiko Kitagawa
◈ [Articles] A Korean Shaman and a Catholic Bishop: Two Cognitive Narrative Frameworks for Making Sense of Life / Unsok Pek
◈ [Articles] Marxism, Stalinism, and the Juche Speech of 1955: On the Theoretical De-Stalinization of North Korea / Alzo David-West
◈ [Articles] Documents of Survival and Trauma: Memories of the Korean War in Korean Novels of the 1960s / Kim Jong-soo
◈ [Materials] Culture in Documents from the Joseon Dynasty and Euigwe (儀軌) / Shin Byung Zu
◈ [Book Reviews] Waegokdoen hanguk oeroun hanguk 300nyun dongan yureopi bon hanguk(Distorted Korea Lonely Korea Korea seen by Europe for 300 years) / Annette Hye Kyung Son Ek
◈ [Book Reviews] Korea in International Politics: 1945-1954 / Lee Wan Bom

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