The Review of Korean Studies Vol.10 ; No.4 (2007)

◈ [Introduction] Continuity and Discontinuity in Korean Industry:Micro Economic Historical Analysis, 1945-61 / Sun Jae-Won
◈ Evolution of Aid-depending Economy and Search for Self-sustaining Economy / Choi Sang-oh
◈ Building of Human Resources and the Introduction of Technology / Sun Jae-Won
◈ Reconstruction and Engineers on Cotton Textile Industry in Korea / Seo MoonSeok
◈ Progress of Planned Shipbuilding and Trial of Shipbuilding Industry Promotion / Bae Sukman
◈ The Emergence of Private Coal Mines and DHCC’s Management Stabilization in the 1950s / Lim Chaisung
◈ [Materials] Korean Genealogy (Jokbo) Histories and Changes by Periods: Based on the Printing Culture / Ok Young Jung
◈ Descriptions of the History of Gojoseon Shown in Foreign Textbooks / Paek Chang Ki
◈ Korean Society Shown in Foreign Social Studies Textbooks / Yang Young Kyun & Kim Sunhee
◈ Korean Economy Described in Foreign Textbooks / Lee Gilsang
◈ [Articles] A Comparative Analysis of Four English Translations of “Gamja” by Kim Dong-in / Sohn Tae-soo
◈ [Articles] Cyberculture of Postmaterialism and Political Participation / Ji-Young Kim
◈ [Book Reviews] The Culture of Fengshui in Korea: An Exploration of East Asian Geomancy / Michael Paton

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