The Review of Korean Studies Vol.11 ; No.1 (2008)

◈ [Guest Editor’s Introduction] The Western Learning Shown in the Records of Envoys Traveling to Beijing in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century / Shin Ik-Cheol
◈ Korean Embassy Trips Around the World and an Understanding of Global Civilization During the Enlightenment Period (1894-1910): Haecheon chubeom, Sagu sokcho and Seosarok / Lee Hyung-dae
◈ Joseon and Her People Shown in the Travel Report of Campbell in the Late 19th Century / Jo Yoong-hee
◈ [Interview] Edward J. Baker / Park Tae-Gyun
◈ [Articles 1] “North Koreans” and Other Virtual Subjects: Kim Yeong-ha, Hwang Seok-yeong, and National Division in the Age of Posthumanism / Theodore Hughes
◈ [Articles 2] Recognition of the Impaired Subject: Hwang Suk-young’s The Shadow of Arms / Oh Se-in
◈ [Articles 3] Ambivalent Representations of Nationalism and Regionalism in Early Modern Korean Art / Han Jin
◈ [Articles 4] A Historical and Social Interpretation of Low Trust* in Italy and Korea / Kim In-Young
◈ [Book Reviews] The Mirror of Zen: The Classic Guide to Buddhist Practice / Ven. Jinwol (Lee Young Ho)

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