The Review of Korean Studies Vol.11 ; No.2

◈ [articles]Analysis of the Astronomical System of Constellations in Korguryo Tomb Murals / Kim Il-gwon
◈ [articles]Confucian Burial Practices in the Late Goryeo and Early Joseon Periods / Charlotte Holyck
◈ [articles]National Narratives and Archaeology: Thoughts on Koreaness and Hellenism / George Manginis
◈ [articles]From Nature to Morality in Emerson and Yi Hwang’s Literature / Shin YeonWoo
◈ [articles]Characteristics of Feminine Writing in 1990s Korean Women’s Novels:Women’s Autobiographical and Confessional Writing / Jung Suk Yoo
◈ [articles]Linguistic Imperialism and the English-learning Boom in Korea:A Case Analysis of Weekend Korean Schools in the U.S. / Hyu-Yong Park
◈ [Materials on Korean Studies]Royal Genealogical Records of the Joseon Royal Family / Won Chang-ae
◈ [Book Reviews]Religions of Korea in Practice / Ko Byoungchul
◈ [Book Reviews]Modern Korean Society: Its Development and Prospect / Kwang-Yeong Shin

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