The Review of Korean Studies Vol.11 ; No.3

◈ [Guest Editor’s Introduction]Changes in Modern Korean Society and the Influence of International Relations / Seo Ho-chul
◈ Trope of a Sovereign State: Treaty-Making by Korea from 1876-1899 / Lee Keun-Gwan
◈ The Process of the Metric System’s Acceptance in Korea and Its International Context / Seo Ho-chul
◈ International Human Rights Regime and Domestic Politics in South Korea: An Analysis of the Human Rights Agenda between 1948-1960 / Lee Jeong-eun
◈ Bringing International Anti-Landmine Norms to Domestic Politics: Korea Campaign to Ban Landmines as an Effective Intermediary / Jo Dong-Joon
◈ [Articles1]A Study of Nature and the Way in the Poetry of Kim Si-seup / Richard Mayer
◈ [Articles2]Internationalist Culture in North Korea, 1945-1950 / Adam Cathcart and Charles Kraus
◈ [Articles3]Commemoration of Dead Animals in Contemporary Korea: Emergence and Development of Dongmul Wiryeongje as Modern Folklore / Elmer Veldkamp
◈ [Book Reviews]Manshukoku to nihon no teikokushihai (Manchukuo and the Imperial Rule of Japan). By Tanaka Ryuichi. Tokyo: Yujisha, 2007. 306 pp., 5600 yen. ISBN 978-4-903426-10-5 / Han Suk-Jung
◈ [Book Reviews]The Korean Church under Japanese Colonialism. By Choi Jai-Keun. Seoul:Jimoondang, 2007. 262 pp., 20,000 won. ISBN 978-89-88095-23-2. / Kim Seung Tae
◈ [Book Reviews]Daehanminguksa (History of South Korea) Volumes 1-4. By Han Honggu. Seoul:Hangyeore Chulpansa, 2003-2006. / Namhee Lee

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