Korea Journal Vol 48 No 4 (2008 winter)

Ki-Soo Eun / Population Aging and Social Strategies for Aging Problems in Korea

Cheong-Seok Kim / Intergenerational Family Relationships of the Elderly in Korea

Lee Dong-Ok, Cho Uhn, and Chang Pilwha / Uncomfortable Transit from Caregiving to Care Receiving: Elderly Women Encounter the Problematic Reciprocity of Carving

Chung Gene-Woong / Stigma, Lifestyle, and Self in Later Life: The Meaning and Paradox of Older Men’s Hang-Out Culture at Jongmyo Park

Lim In-Sook / The Trend of Creating Atypical Male Images in Heterosexist Korean Society

Seungsook Moon / Buddhist Temple Food in South Korea: Interests and Agency in the Reinvention of Tradition in the Age of Globalization

Nam-Kook Kim Consensus Democracy as an Alternative Model in Korean Politics

Seong-nae Kim / Koreans’ Quest for Sagehood in the Evolutionary Scheme of Spirituality

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