Korea Journal Vol 49-No 1 (2009 spring)


CHOI Jongryul – Eochongye Social Capital in Jujeon-Dong, Ulsan

PARK Jong-rin – Irwolhoe and the Introduction of Marxism into Korea in the 1920s

Sora PARK – Negotiating Identities and Re-acculturation of Second-Generation Korean Americans: The Role of Ethnic
Media and Peer Group Dynamics

HAN Keehyung – Formation of the Minganhak and Modern Magazines in Colonial Korea: The Case of Gaebyeok

Dong-Jin JANG, Kyung-Ho SONG, and Min-Hyuk HWANG – China’s Northeast Project and Contemporary Korean Nationalism

HUANG Yan-hong- Differences between South Korea and China in Acupuncture Research: A Case Study of the Publications in ISI Databases


Lauren W. Deutsch – Constructed Places, Contested Spaces (Timothy R. Tangherlini and Sallie Yea, eds., Sitings: Critical Approaches to Korean Geography).

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