Korea Journal / Vol.49 No.2 Summer 2009

A Contemporary History of the Korean Peninsula

Kun Young PARK [On This Topic] A Contemporary History of the Korean Peninsula from an International Political Perspective
Sang-Yoon MA From “March North” to Nation-Building: The Interplay of U.S. Policy and South Korean Politics during the Early 1960s
Seongji WOO The Park Chung-hee Administration amid Inter-Korean Reconciliation in the Detente Period: Changes in the Threat Perception, Regi
KOO Kab-Woo Gone but Not Dead, Sprouting but Not Yet Blossoming: Transitions in the System of Division, 1980-1997
Kun Young PARK Nuclear Politicking on the Korean Peninsula: A Highly Enriched Uranium Program Coming Out of the Pandora’s Box
Youngmin KIM “Questions to the Creator” in Korean Intellectual History
Sugmin YOUN Namjun KANG and Heejin KIM The Never-Ending Myth: An Analysis of the Sociopsychological Mechanism of Hwang Woo-Suk Syndrome
SIHN Kyu-hwan Unexpected Success: The Spread of Manchurian Plague and the Response of Japanese Colonial Rule in Korea, 1910-1911

[Book Reviews]
Andrew Eungi KIM Korean Evangelical Women’s Conversion and Institutional Involvement: Negotiating with Religious Patriarchy

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