Korea Journal / Vol.49 No.3 Autumn 2009

The Politics of the Body in Contemporary Korea

KIM Eun-Shil [On this topic]The Politics of the Body in Contemporary Korea
CHO Joo-hyun Neoliberal Governmentality at Work: Post-IMF Korean Society and the Construction of Neoliberal Women
Byong-Hee CHO Two Paths for Alternative Medicine: Professionalization of Oriental Medicine and the Growth of Lay Acupuncturists in Korea
Young-Gyung PAIK The Discourse of National Population Crisis and Its Framing of Bioethical Issues in Contemporary South Korea
Hyunjung LEE and Younghan CHO Performing Nation-ness in South Korea during the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup
MATSUMOTO Takenori and CHUNG Seu On the Hosokawa Farm and the History of Daejangchon, a Japanese-style Village in Colonial Korea: Dilemmas in Rural Developmen
KIM Hong-Jung Specter, Rhizome, and Bridge: Kim Su-yeong’s View of Tradition

[Book Reviews]
Daniel C. KANE Translating Tradition to Modernity

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