The Review of Korean Studies Vol.12, No.1

◈ [Guest Editor’s Introduction]Narratives of the Korean War in Textbooks / Lee Wan Bom
◈ Conflicting Images and Lost Perspectives:Narratives on the Korean War in American Textbooks / Wonsuk Chang
◈ Narratives of the Korean War in Chinese High School History Textbooks / Ahn Ji-Young
◈ Perspectives on the Korean War in Japanese High School Textbooks:Research Trends of Japanese Academia and their Reflection in the Textbooks / Park So Young
◈ The Korean War in European Social Studies Textbooks / Jeong Jae Yun
◈ History Textbooks of Transitional States in Central Asia:Comparison of Kazakh and Uzbek Perspectives of Contemporary Korean History / Lee Wan Bom
◈ Interview with Byengsen Park / Byengsen Park
◈ [Articles]State and Nation Building in South Korea: A Comparative Historical Perspective / Choong Nam Kim
◈ [Articles]The Educational World of Joseon People Living in Manchuria during Japanese / Jeong Mi-Ryang
◈ [Book Reviews]Tradition, Treaties, and Trade: Qing Imperialism and Choson Korea, 1850-1910 / Sukhee Han
◈ [Book Reviews]Sitings: Critical Approach to Korean Geography / Kim Baek Yung
◈ [Book Reviews]Izbrannaya bibliographiya literatury po Koree na russkom i zapadnoevropeiskih yazykah (Selected Bibliography of Literature on Korea in Russian and Western European Languages) / Vladimir Tikhonov (Pak Noja)

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