The Review of Korean Studies Vol.12, No.2

◈ [Guest Editor’s Introduction]Recent Approaches in Korean Archaeology / Kim Jong-Il
◈ Techno-Chronological Reassessment of Palaeolithic Assemblages in the Imjin-Hantan River Area, Korea: New Data and New Considerations / Yoo Yongwook
◈ Comparison of the Periodization Methodologies of the Korean Bronze Age and the Japanese Yayoi Period / Yi Kisung
◈ Where It Goes? Social Complexity and Political Economy in the Middle Bronze Age, Central-western Korea / Kim Bumcheol
◈ New Perspectives in the Study of Production and Exchange in Korean Archaeology / Cho Daeyoun
◈ New Perspectives in Korean Funerary Archaeology / Ko Ilhong
◈ [Articles]A Soft Power Approach to the “Korean Wave” / Lee Geun
◈ [Articles]The Legal Topography of Agrarian Relations in Southern Korea under Japanese Rule: Law and Tenancy Practices in Suncheon County,South Jeolla Province, 1920-1934 / Lee Chulwoo
◈ [Articles]Pictorial Documentation of Court Entertainment Dance during the Daehan Empire / Park Jeong-hye
◈ [Articles]New Interpretation of the Stone Replicas in the Russian Maritime Province:Re-Evaluation from the Perspective of Korean Archaeology / Shinya Shoda∙Oksana Yanshina∙Joon-Ho Son∙Naoto Teramae
◈ [Book Review]Marginality and Subversion in Korea: The Hong Kyongnae Rebellion of 1812 / Anders Karlsson

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