The Review of Korean Studies Vol.12, No.3

◈ Guest Editor’s Introduction “Coming to Terms with the Past”:Re-remembering the Era of Park Chung H / Namhee Lee
◈ The Ruling Discourse and Mass Politics of the Park Chung Hee Regime / Hwang Byeong-ju
◈ The Theory of Mass Dictatorship: A Re-examination of the Park Chung Hee Period / Namhee Lee
◈ The April 19th Generation and the Start of Postcolonial History in South Korea / Charles R. Kim
◈ Korea’s Vietnam: Popular Culture, Patriarchy, Intertextuality / Youngju Ryu
◈ Using the Enemy’s Vocabularies: Rethinking the Origins of Student / Jungmin Seo
◈ Eastern Barbarian Consciousness in Research on Manchu Origins / Song Jhune Hyueck
◈ The Concept of God in the Idea of Hongik ingan / Choi Moon-Hyoung
◈ How and when the Gyeongguk daejeon System Dismantled?:A Study on Political Meaning of the Daehan Empire’s Birth / Park Hyunmo
◈ Exodos to North Korea: Shadows from Japan’s Cold War. By Tessa Morris-Suzuki / Park, Jin-Hee
◈ Pecularities of Yadam Literature and the Present Condition of Sources / Shin Ik-Cheol

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