Korea Journal, vol. 49, no. 4 (winter 2009)


Chulwoo LEE / The Rule of Law and Forms of Power: Theorizing the Social Foundations of the Rule of Law in Korea

LEE Gunho and KOH Heungseok / Conservative and Progressive Papers’ News Presentation of the U.S. Beef Imports Issue: Analysis of Sources in Korean Newspaper

LEE Byoung-Hoon and EUN Soo Mi / Labor Politics of Employment Protection Legislation for Nonregular Workers in South Korea

Michael REINSCHMIDT / Rural Development: Lessons from the Liberalization of Korean Trade

Nohchool PARK / Undomesticated Visions: A History of South Korean Independent Women’s Films, 1974–2004

Hyung Yu PARK / Heritage, Tourism, and National Identity: An Ethnographic Study of Changdeokgung Palace

In-Hoe KU / Problems with Korean Laws Regarding Human Ova Donation and Research


LEE Bongkyoo / On the Ye Philosophy of Jeong Yak-yong since the Emergence of Modernism

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