THE REVIEW OF KOREAN STUDIES Vol. 12 N. 4 (2009. 12)

Narratives of Working-class Women in South Korea

1. Guest Editors’ Introduction / 편집부 편 pp. 7~11

2. Narratives of Women Workers in South Korea’s Minju Union Movement of the 1970s / Hwasook Nam 저 pp. 13~36

3. “Indifference to Sexual Love”? / Seung-Hee Jeon 저 pp. 37~55

4. Ambiguous Agency and Change / Ayami Noritake 저 pp. 57~86

5. Life and Work of Korean War Widows during the 1950s / Kim Hyun Sun 저 pp. 87~109

6. Memories of Migrant Labor / Kim Won 저 pp. 111~151


7. The Collapse of the Flying Geese Development Model / Phillip H. Park 저 pp. 155~180

8. The Kim Jong-il Regime’s “Military-first Politics” / Jeon Miyeong 저 pp. 181~204

9. Gendered Korean Colonial Modernity / Young-Sun Kim 저 pp. 205~233

10. The Inscription on the Inariyama Tumulus Sword Revisited / Kim Yongduk 저 pp. 235~257

Book Review

11. To Live to Work: Factory Women in Colonial Korea 1910-1945. By Janice C. H. Kim. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2008. 272 pp., $55, ISBN 978-0804759090 (hardcover) / Sun Jae Won 서평 pp. 261~263

The other

12. Guidelines for Contributors etc. / 편집부 편 pp. 264~267

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