Korean Studies Volume 33 (2009)

Cultural Change in Korean Films

Transitional Emotions: Boredom and Distraction in Hong Sang-su’s Travel Films / Youngmin Choe pp. 1-28

Love Your Enemies: Revenge and Forgiveness in Films by Park Chan-wook / Steve Choe pp. 29-51

Imagining a Feminine Icon: Multiple Metamorphoses of Hwang Chin-i in Cinema and Television / Hana Lee pp. 52-68


North Korean “Rural Fiction” from the Late 1990s to the Mid-2000s: Permanence and Change / Tatiana Gabroussenko pp. 69-100

Reconsidering Transnational Cultural Flows of Popular Music in East Asia: Transbordering Musicians in Japan and Korea Searching for “Asia” / Hyunjoon Shin pp. 101-123

Thinking Locally, Acting Globally: Redefining Traditions at the Korean Minjok Leadership Academy /John Finch, Seung-kyung Kim pp. 124-149

Book Reviews

The Power of the Buddhas: The Politics of Buddhism During the Koryŏ Dynasty (918-1392) (review)/ Richard D. McBride II pp. 150-154

Tradition, Treaties, and Trade: Qing Imperialism and Chosŏn Korea, 1850-1910 (review)/ Jungwon Kim pp. 154-157

Korea’s Divided Families: Fifty years of separation (review)/ Hyeon Ju Lee pp. 157-159

The Politics of Gender in Colonial Korea: Education, Labor, and Health, 1910-1945 (review)/ Soon Won Park pp. 159-161

The Reluctant Communist: My Desertion, Court-Martial, and Forty-Year Imprisonment in North Korea (review)/ James I. Matray pp. 161-164

Haunting the Korean Diaspora: Shame, Secrecy, and the Forgotten War (review)/ Hyeon Ju Lee pp. 164-166


pp. 167-168

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