Korea Journal, Vol 50, n°1 (2010)

Special Topic: Consuming Food as Cultural Practice in Modern Korea: From an East Asian Perspective

Okpyo MOON / [On This Topic] Food and Food Consumption as Cultural Practices: Lifestyle Changes in Contemporary Korea

Kwang Ok KIM / Rice Cuisine and Cultural Practice in Contemporary Korean Dietary Life

Okpyo MOON / Dining Elegance and Authenticity: Archaeology of Royal Court Cuisine in Korea

HAN Kyung-Koo / Noodle Odyssey: East Asia and Beyond

Young-Kyun YANG / Well-Being Discourse and Chinese Food in Korean Society

Sangmee BAK / Exoticizing the Familiar, Domesticating the Foreign: Ethnic Food Restaurants in Korea


Youngsoo YOOK / Historiography and the Remaking of North Korea’s Ideology in the Age of Globalization: Interpreting the Revised Edition of Ryeoksa sajeon

PARK Yunjae / The 1927 “Emetine Injection Incident” in Colonial Korea and the Intervention of Korean Western-Trained Doctors
Chiyoung KIM / The Emergence of the Modern Concept of “Munye” in Korea


KIM Hyoung-chan / Spirit and Ritual: The Religious World of Confucianism

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