Korea Journal Vol.50 No.2 (Summer 2010)

The Language and Writing of Ancient Korea


CHUNG Jaeyoung The Language and Writing of Ancient Korea

KIM Byung-Joon The Introduction of Chinese Characters into Korea: The Role of the Lelang Commandery

CHUNG Jaeyoung The Use of Chinese Characters in Ancient Korea: With a Focus on Texts Transcribwith Chinese-Borrowed Charactersed

KIM Young Wook A Basic Understanding of Hyangga Interpretation

YOON Seon-tae The Creation of Idu

KWON In-han The Evolution of Ancient East Asian Writing Systems as Observed through Early Korean and Japanese Wooden Tablets

KU Daeyeol The Failure of Baekje’s Prudential Diplomacy: Revisiting the Samguk sagi from an International Relations Perspective

Brian E. ADAMS The Democratic Benefits of Devolution: A Comparison of South Korea and the United States

[Book Reviews]

HAN Hyong-Jo A Glimpse into Our Ancestors’ Inner-Life

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