THE REVIEW OF KOREAN STUDIES Volume 13 Number 1 (Spring 2010)

1. Guest Editor’s Introduction /Shin Dongwon pp. 7~10

2. A Comparison of Korean and Japanese Scholars’ Attitudes toward Newtonian Science /Jun Yong Hoon pp. 11~36

3. Flourishing Yin and the Decline of the Universe /Park Kwon Soo pp. 37~57

4. Unchanging Beliefs of Neo-Confucian Natural Science of the Joseon Dynasty in the Early Nineteenth Century /Koo Mhan-ock pp. 59~89

5. Landscape and Historicity of Korean Science of the Early to Middle Nineteenth Century /Moon Joong-Yang pp. 91~119

6. The Recognition of Geomancy by Intellectuals during the Joseon Period /Oh Sang-Hak pp. 121~147

7. The Characteristics of Joseon Medicine /Shin Dongwon pp. 149~178

Materials on Korean Studies
8. Research Trends in the Field of Joseon Tongsinsa Studies /Lee Sanggyu pp. 181~201

9. Research on the Development of a User-oriented Korean History Site /Jeong Mi-Ryang, Kihl Tae-Suk pp. 205~229

Book Review
10. Jibae wa gonggan: Sikminji dosi gyeongseong gwa jeguk ilbon. By Kim Baekyeong, Seoul: Munhak gwa jiseongsa, 2009. 594pp., ₩30,000, ISBN 978-89-320-2008-2 (hardcover). /Park Se Hoon pp. 233~236

11. Index of The Review of Korean Studies etc. /편집부 pp. 237~240

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