Journal of Korean Studies, Vol. 14, N. 1 (Fall 2009)


« Wise Mother, Good Wife »: A Transcultural Discursive Construct in Modern Korea / Hyaeweol Choi, pp. 1-33

Kim Yujŏng’s « Thoughts from a Sickbed » and the Critique of Empiricist Discourse / Christopher Hanscom, pp. 35-60

Widows’ Position and Agency in the Late Chosŏn Dynasty / Ji-Young Jung, pp. 61-82

The Politics of Condolence: Contested Representations of Tribute in Late Nineteenth-Century Chosŏn-Qing Relations /Joshua Van Lieu, pp. 83-115


Review Essay

Japanese Narratives on Life in Late-Colonial Korea: From Wartime to Repatriation / Mark E. Caprio, pp. 117-132


Book Reviews

Art Under Control in North Korea, and: North Korean Posters (review) / Patrick Lloyd Hatcher, pp. 133-137

Chibae wa chach’i: Singminji sigi ch’ollak ŭi sam kungmyŏn kujo (review) / Kyu Hyun Kim, pp. 137-142


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