Anglo-Korean Society Post-Graduate Bursary


Anglo-Korean Society Post-Graduate  Bursary
Academic Session 2011-2012

The Anglo-Korean Society through the Bursary Committee of the British
Association for Korean Studies is offering one or more £500 bursaries on a
competitive basis to post-graduate students.

Details of the Anglo-Korean Society Post-Graduate Bursary Programme are as
1) the bursary is open to students of any nationality who are registered to do a
post-graduate degree at a British university.

2) the term ‘post-graduate’ includes taught and research degrees.

3) the programme of study or research must be largely if not wholly focussed on
Korea, past or present.

4) preference will be given to programmes of study or research in the area of
the humanities or social sciences broadly defined, although other areas could
be given consideration in exceptional circumstances.

5) preference will be given to students whose programme of study or research
includes the study of and/or the use of the Korean language.

6) there is no restriction on how the bursary will be used by the student.

7) at the end of the academic session in which the bursary is received,  the
recipient will write a brief letter describing how the bursary furthered the
recipient’s studies. This should be addressed to the Anglo-Korean Society and
sent to the chairman of the Bursary Committee of the British Association for
Korean Studies.

8 ) the assistance of the Anglo-Korean Society should be mentioned in any work

which results from the period of research supported by the AKS Post-Graduate

Interested students should apply by doing the following:
1) complete an application form. Forms may be found on the website of the
British Association for Korean Studies at

2) obtain two (2) letters of recommendation from tutors or lecturers. The forms
for these letters may also be found on the Association’s website. Each letter
of recommendation should be placed by the recommender in a separate, sealed
envelope with the signature of the recommender written across the fold.
Completed applications should be posted to:

Emeritus Prof. James H. Grayson, Chair
BAKS Bursary Committee
School of East Asian Studies
The University of Sheffield
6/8 Shearwood Road
Sheffield S10 4GJ

Or by email to

and received by the Committee no later than  Monday,  4 April, 2011.   All
applicants will be informed of the Committee’s decision within four weeks.

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