Journal of Korean Studies, Vol. 15, N. 1 (Fall 2010)


Decline of a Confucian Mecca: Development of Rice Farming and Regional Development in Chosŏn Korea / Sung Woo Kim, pp. 1-40

Huddling under the Imperial Umbrella: A Korean Approach to Ming China in the Early 1500s / Seung B. Kye, pp. 41-66

The Paradox of Postcolonial Korean Nationalism: State-Sponsored Cultural Policy in South Korea, 1965-Present / Sang Mi Park, pp. 67-93

Separate but Engaged: Human Subjectivity in the Poetry of Tasan Chŏng Yagyong / Deberniere Torrey, pp. 95-122


Book Reviews

Building Ships, Building a Nation: Korea’s Democratic Unionism under Park Chung Hee (review) / Tae Yang Kwak, pp. 123-125

Ha Dongsan and Colonial Korean Buddhism: Balancing Sectarianism and Ecumenism (review) / Richard D. McBride II, pp. 126-131

Kyŏngju Things: Assembling Place (review) / Eleana Kim, pp. 131-136

Lost Souls: Stories (review) / Christopher P. Hanscom, pp. 136-138

Questioning Minds: Short Stories by Modern Korean Women Writers (review) /Jin-kyung Lee, pp. 138-140


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