Journal of Korean Studies, Vol. 16, N. 1 (Spring 2011)


Note from the Editors / Clark W. Sorensen, Donald Baker, Tracy L. Stober, Joshua Van Lieu

Marketing Assimilation: The Press and the Formation of the Japanese-Korean Colonial Relationship / Mark E. Caprio, pp. 1-25

From Developmentalist to Conservationist Criticism: The New Narrative of South Korea in North Korean Propaganda / Tatiana Gabroussenko, pp. 27-61

Political Uses of Confucianism in North Korea / Jin Woong Kang, pp. 63-87

The Domestication of South Korean Pre-College Study Abroad in the First Decade of the Millennium / Jiyeon Kang, Nancy Abelmann, pp. 89-118

Awakened, Awaiting, or Meditating?: Readdressing a Silla Period Image from the Buddha Valley on Mount Nam / Sunkyung Kim, pp. 119-150


Film Review

The Past Is a Strange Country (Kwagŏ nŭn nassŏn narada) (review) /Kyu Hyun Kim, pp. 151-153


Book Reviews

A Dragon’s Head and a Serpent’s Tail: Ming China and the First Great East Asian War, 1592–1598 (review) / Seung B. Kye, pp. 155-157

South Koreans in the Debt Crisis: The Creation of a Neoliberal Welfare Society (review) / Yoon Sung Choi, pp. 157-160


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