THE REVIEW OF KOREAN STUDIES Vol. 13 N. 4 (2010. 12)

1. Guest Editor’s Introduction / Jo Yoong-hee, page(s): 7-12


Memory and Representation of Baekdusan until the Early Twentieth Century

2. Travel to Baekdusan and its Significance during the Joseon Period / Shin Ik-cheol, page(s): 13-31

3. The Significance of Perceptions of Baekdusan in Baekdu-related Myths / Cho Hyun-soul, page(s): 33-52

4. Korean Intellectuals’ Perceptions of Baekdusan and the Historical Significance Thereof / Lee Hyungdae, page(s): 53-71

5. Changes in the Perception of Baekdusan during the Late Period of Joseon / Kwon Nae-hyun, page(s): 73-103

6. The People of Joseon’s Perception of Baekdusan Viewed through Geographical Materials / Jung Chi-Young, page(s): 105-132

7. Westerners’ Perceptions of Baekdusan until the Nineteenth Century : Focusing on Materials in English / Jo Yoong-hee, page(s): 133-149

8. Descriptions of the Baekdusan and the Surrounding Area in Russian and German Travel Accounts / Sonja Haeussler, page(s): 151-186

9. King Taejo’s Buddhist View and Statecraft in Tenth-Century Korea / Jongmyung Kim, page(s): 189-215


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