Positions: Research Assistant Professorship

Positions: Research Assistant Professorship (7 positions)

HK (Humanities Korea) Project, “Transnational Humanities”

Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture (RICH), Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea


The Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture (RICH) at Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea (Director: Jie-Hyun Lim) invites applications for (non-tenure track) research assistant professor positions to contribute to our ongoing Humanities Korea (HK) Project, “Transnational Humanities,” funded by the Research Foundation of Korea. Candidiates should hold a Ph.D. in a relevant humanities or social sciences discipline by August, 2011. These posts are open to non-Korean citizens, but Korean language proficiency is a requirement. The deadline for application is August 22 (2 pm in Korean time). If you have any inquiry or questions, please contact us at rich@hanyang.ac.kr.


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