2012 Korea Foundation Publication Support Program

To encourage the publication of Korea-related books in non-Korean languages, the Korea Foundation provides financial support for the publication of Korea-related books by publishers worldwide. 200 Korea related books in 18 languages have been published since 1999 with the support of the Korea Foundation.

As such, the plan for support for 2012 is specified as below; we ask prospective publishers to carefully review the guideline and submit the application accordingly.

Source: http://www.kf.or.kr/eng/06_res/res_not_view.asp?BIZBASE=ALL&SearchText=&SearchValue=&Page=1&BBS_NO=2979&BASETYPE=BBS



Overseas and domestic publishers (Individuals are not eligible for program assistance)

Program Emphasis

1. Books on Korea related to such fields as the humanities, social sciences, or culture and the arts, in languages other than Korean.

2. Eligible publications: Newly written books, translation of original works


Program Assistance

1. Project support

-Newly written works: a portion of the publication costs (composition, paper, printing, binding)

-Translation works: a portion of publication costs and translation fees

(Writer’s remuneration, copyright fee, and proofreading fee are not eligible for program support. For translations, copyright arrangements should be finalized before the application.)

2. Grant amount

– Newly written works

Domestic publishers: up to 10,000,000 won.

Overseas publishers: up to $10,000

-Translation works

Domestic publishers: up to 20,000,000 won.

Overseas publishers: up to $20,000.

3. Obligations of the Recipient

-Mention the Korea Foundation’s program support as part of the book’s acknowledgement section

-Provide the Foundation with 20-100 complimentary copies of the publication

Application Procedures

1. Application documents

-Application form (Korea Foundation application form is attached)

-Six copies of the completed manuscript(translation)

-Resume of author (editor, compiler, translator, as applicable)

-In the case of a translation work, the original author’s comments on the translation.

2. Submission of application

-Applicants are required to complete the application documents, in English or Korean, and submit to the Foundation by postal mail or e-mail.(Six copies of the manuscript should be submitted by postal mail)

3. Deadline for application

-Deadline for the first half of the year: September 30

4. Notification of grant approval

-Applicants will be directly notified of the Foundation’s grant approval in December.


Evaluation Criteria

1. Usefulness of the publication

2. Significance of the publication

3. Quality of the manuscript

4. Ability of publisher

5. Appropriateness of the budget


For more information, Click on “Publication and Media” on the main homepage and then “Publication Support Program.”


Media & Public Relations Center

Tel: (82-2) 2151-6546

E-mail: publication@kf.or.kr

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