Korea Journal, vol. 50, no. 4 (2010)


Special Topic: The Centennial of Japan’s Annexation of Korea: Rethinking Annexation and Postcolonial Legacy

PARK Chan Seung and KIM Hyun-ju / [On this topic] The Centennial of Japan’s Annexation: Rethinking Annexation and Postcolonial Legacy

PARK Pae-Keun / Discussions Concerning the Legality of the 1910 “Annexation” of Korea by Japan

LEE Seung-il / Characteristics of Japan’s Annexation of Korea and the Japanese Colonial System: A Comparison of Korean and Taiwanese Legislation System

PARK Chan Seung / Japanese Rule and Colonial Dual Society in Korea

CHA Seung Ki / The Colonial-Imperial Regime and Its Effects: Writer Kim Sa-ryang as an Ex-ception

RYU Junpil / Several Present Conditions Defining 100 Years of Japan’s Annexation of Korea

KIM Dong-Choon / Korea’s Movement to Settle the Issues of the Past and Peace in East Asia


JOO Eun-Sun / Pension Politics in Korea after Democratization: The Failed Attempts of Party Politics and Social Dialogue


KIM Moon-sik / How the Joseon Kingdom Dealt with Disasters


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