Korea Journal, vol. 51, no. 1 (2011)

Special Topic: The Horak Debate in Eighteenth-Century Joseon

CHOI Young-Jin / [On this topic] The Horak Debate in Eighteenth-Century Joseon

LEE Kyungku / The Horak Debate from the Reign of King Sukjong to King Sunjo

CHO Sung-san / Discursive Structures and Cultural Features of Nak-ron Thought in Late Joseon Korea

HONG Jung Geun / Is the Morality of Human Beings Superior to the Morality of Non-Human Beings? Debate over Human versus Animal Nature in the Joseon Period

LEE Cheon Sung / Philosophical Implications of the Discussion of Mibal in the Horak Debate of the Late Joseon Period



PARK Daejae / War and Ritual in Ancient Korea: From the Bronze Age to the Three Kingdoms Era

Youngseok MOON / Sociological Implications of the Roman Catholic Conversion Boom in Korea

Soon-yang KIM / Configuring the New Topography of Korea’s Professional Interest Group Politics: An Investigation into the Declining Power of Organized Medicine in Health Politics

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