Korea Journal, vol. 51, no. 3 (2011)

Special Topic: Korean Studies Viewed through Academic Journals

and Organizations


KIM Hyun-ju / [On This Topic] Korean Studies Viewed through Academic Journals and Organizations

JEONG Jong Hyun / Shifts in Korea’s Intellectual Community and Academia in the Early Years of Nation-Building: A Study of Hakpung, an Interdisciplinary Journal by Eulyoo Publishing

KIM Hyun-ju / Transition from Far Eastern/Eastern/East Asian Studies to Korean Studies:Focusing on the Practice of Humanities Institutes in Their Early Period

LEE Hye Ryoung / Time of Capital, Time of a Nation: Changes in Korean Intellectual Media in the 1960s-1970s

KIM Baek Yung / Korean Studies between the Social Sciences and Historical Studies:

Debates over Modern and Contemporary Korean History

KIM Won / Changes in the 1980s Nationalist Minjung Academic Communities and the Alternative Academic Communities


OH Hyang Mi / The Controversy over the Legitimacy of the Korean Provisional Government during the Period of the National Representative Conference in Shanghai

HAN Sang-Jin / From the Asian Value Debate to Cosmopolitanism: An Active Interpretation of the Political Thoughts of Kim Dae-jung


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