Korean Studies Grant 2011

Korean Studies Grant 2011 (Additional Funding Programs)

The aim of the program is to deepen the world’s understanding of Korea by supporting academic activities that will help spread Korean studies and nurture talented scholars of Korean studies. Another key purpose the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) is dedicated to achieving is to enhance the universality and quality of Korean studies through its support of activities undertaken by overseas researchers of Korean studies.

◎ Additional Funding Programs in 2011

1. Workshop and Conference Support

The program provides funding to academic forums hosted by Korean studies research organizations.

2. Scholarly Journal Support

The program promotes publication of Korean studies works.

3. Publication Subsidy

The program assists researchers in publishing Korean studies related materials.

4. Distinguished Paper Award

The program encourages researchers who publish in international journals. The journal must be registered in A&HCI, SSCI, SCI, SCOPUS and published outside of Korea.

◎ Application forms and guidelines are available from the AKS website:


◎ Submission Deadline : November 13(Sun), 2011

◎ Inquiries should be directed to :

Ms. Jeonghyun Kim

Promotion of Korean Studies Abroad Division

Center for International Affairs

The Academy of Korean Studies

E-mail : grant@aks.ac.kr

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