Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies Vol 11 – N.2 (Oct. 2011)

Editor’s Introduction

Capital Punishment and State Sovereignty in China
by Timothy BROOK

Japan and its Region: Changing Historical Perceptions

Determining Refugee Status for North Korean Escapees under International and Domestic Laws
by Patricia GOEDDE

17th Century East Asian Warfare and Korean Narrative Poetry in Classical Chinese:
Telling Historical Truth through the Memories of Hostages
by Jae-Kyo JIN

Narratives of Inauthenticity, Impurity, and Disorder.
Or: How Forgeries, Half-castes, and Hooligans Shaped Pre-modern Korean History
by Remco BREUKER

Book Review
Establishing a Pluralist Society in Medieval Korea, 918-1170
by Peter YUN

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