Korea Journal, vol. 51, no. 4 (2011)


LEE Haeng-hoon / The Historical Semantics of the Modern Korean Concept of Philosophy

CHA Hyewon / Was Joseon a Model or an Exception? Reconsidering the Tributary Relations during Ming China

Chaisung LIM / The Pandemic of the Spanish Influenza in Colonial Korea

CHU Chinoh / Korean Perceptions of Japan during the Great Han Empire and the Japanese Annexation of Korea

Andrew S. JOHNSON / Early American Perceptions of Korea and Washington’s Korea Policy, 1882-1905

Sehee HAN, Heaseung KIM, and Hee-Sun LEE / Social Capital and Its Association with Health and Well-Being: An Individual-Level Analysis in Seoul, South Korea

BAIK Seungsuk / Imperial Nationalism Represented in 1940 Colonial Manchuria: An Examination of Kim Yeong-pal’s Play, Kim Dong-han

Sang-Hee CHO / A Comparative Study of a Slow City and an Urban Region: A Deeper Look into the Quality of Life in Hadong-gun and Busan



David FIELDS / Not Your Father’s Authoritarianism: The Political Landscape of North Korea (Patrick McEachern. 2010. Inside the Red Box: North Korea’s Post-Totalitarian Politics. New York: Columbia University Press)

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