THE REVIEW OF KOREAN STUDIES Vol. 14 N. 4 (2011. 12)

Guest Editor’s Introduction

1. Guest Editor”s Introduction /Lim Chaisung, page(s): 7-15

Special Feature

2. The Wartime Economy in Imperial Japan and the Mobilization of Munitions in Its Colony /Joung An-Ki, page(s): 17-49

3. Changes in the Manufacturing Industry of Korea (1940-1949) /Huh Soo-Youl, page(s): 51-84

4. The Development of a Control Policy over the Coal Industry and the Management of the Coal Mining Industry in Wartime Colonial Korea /Lim Chaisung, page(s): 85-133

5. Changes in the Business Environment under the Wartime Control Economy and the Response of the Gyeongseong (Keijō) Electric Co. /Oh Jinseok, page(s): 135-183

6. Book Review /Roh Joong-Kee, page(s): 185-190


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