Korea Journal, vol. 52, no.1 (2012)

Special Topic: A Cultural History of Korean Toponyms

Je-Hun RYU / [On this topic] A Cultural History of Korean Toponyms

KIM Jeong-tae / On Toponymic Variations Engendered by Phonetic Variations

PARK Byeong-Cherl / The Development and Regional Distribution of Korean Toponymic Back Morphemes: With a Focus on Gogae-Related Toponyms

JUNG Chi-young / Korean Perceptions of the Environment as Viewed through Village Names

KIM Sun-Bae / The Confucian Transformation of Toponyms and the Coexistence of Contested Toponyms in Korea

Je-Hun RYU / Postcolonial Urbanization and the Changes of Vernacular Toponyms around Bupyeong-gu, Incheon: A Critical Perspective


KOH Dong-Yeon / (Un)making the “Korean” Astro Boy Atom: National Manhwa, Korean Pop Art, and Cultural Hybridity

Tae Gyun PARK / The Roles of the United States and Japan in the Development of South Korea’s Science and Technology during the Cold War

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