Cfp, North American Korean Literature Workshop

Time: October 6, 2012
Venue: Binghamton University

We invite submissions from those who are working in areas of the broadly defined fields of Korean literature and Korean film for the fifth annual North American Korean Literature Workshop to be held on October 6, 2012 at Binghamton University.  Among the aims of NAOKOL are to share ongoing projects with peers and seniors working in the field,and to widely promote Korean literary and film studies.   We are particularly seeking submissions by junior scholars of their manuscripts-in-progress for discussion at the Workshop.  Additionally, we will hold a roundtable discussion where members can share their works with the group.

Those interested in presenting their work at the Workshop should send a 300 word abstract and short cv to the email address below. Those interested in attending as discussants should likewise send an expression of interest to the address below.  As in the past, travel and accommodation expenses will be at least partly defrayed.  The deadline for submissions is August 30, 2012.

Michael J. Pettid
Professor of Premodern Korean Studies
Director, Translation, Research and Instruction Program
Binghamton University

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