International Review of Public Administration Vol.16 No.2 (2011)


1 : The State in Changing Circumstances: Insights From South Korea and Nigeria on Political Theory of Development / E. B. A. Agbaje

2 : The effects of recognition on volunteer activities in Korea: Does it really matter? / Jin Kyung Jung

3 : Linking Pay-For-Performance System With Performance Improvement: The Role of Fairness, Organizational Resources, and Eader-Managerial Engagement / Dong Chul Shim, Yong Soo Kwon, Hyun Hee Park, Sung Won Hwang

4 : Adoption of Institutional Options for Affordable Housing Production: Collective Action Problems and Option Choice / Hyun Sang Ha, In Won Lee

5 : Government Size, Economic Growth and Unemployment: Evidence from Advanced and Developing Economy Countries (A Time Series Analysis, 1996-2006) / Yong Jin Sa

6 : The economy and elections in Korea: An analysis of the political business cycle / Jang Ho Park

7 : Making the Strategic Plan Work in Local Government: A Case Study of Strategic Plan Implementation in Yogyakarta Special Province (YSP) /Achmad Nurmandi , Eko Priyo Purnomo

8 : Globalization and National Responses: The Case of Korea / Sun Hyuk Kim

9 : NGOs, The Most Significant Development Phenomenon of Recent Decades / Amer Afaq

10 : Unraveling Public Administration in East Asian Settings / Danilo R. Reyes

11 : Unraveling Public Administration in Fivethirteenths of Southeast Asia / Rizalino B. Cruz

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