Seoul Journal of Korean Studies Vol.24 N.2 (2011. 12)

1. Consultative Politics and Royal Authority in the Goryeo Period / Park Jae-Woo, page(s): 203-218

2. Changes in the Concept of Yulli during the Enlightenment Period in Korea / Yi Hye Gyung, page(s): 219-239

3. Beyond the Dichotomy of Resistance and Collaboration / Kim Seok-Hee, page(s): 241-263

4. Occupational Costs Incurred by the United States Forces in Korea and their Impact on the Korean Economy during the U.S. Military Occupation Period / Kim Jeom Sook, page(s): 265-293

5. Daughter of the Wind / Stephen J. Epstein, page(s): 295-320

6. Hiddink is Hŭi Tonggu / Hong Sun-ha, page(s): 321-345

7. Book Notes /편집부, page(s): 347-357

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