Graduate Student Recruitment for 2013 Fall Semester

한국학중앙연구원 한국학대학원에서는 2013. 4. 30()까지 2013년도 후기 외국인 및 재외국민 신입생(석사 및 박사 학위과정, 연구(비학위) 과정)을 모집하고 있습니다. 외국인 학생에게는 학비가 전액 면제되며, 입학성적 우수자에게는월750,000원의 장학금이 지급됩니다.

It is my great pleasure to inform you that the Graduate School of Korean Studies in the Academy of Korean Studies(AKS) is currently accepting applications for its master’s and doctoral degree programs as well as research(non-degree) program for 2013 Fall Semester. Tuition is fully waived for international students and the Government Grant of monthly allowance of KRW750,000 is additionally provided for selected students. The application deadline is Tuesday 30th April 2013.


아울러 국립국제교육원 정부초청외국인장학생사업(학비 전액 면제 및 월 900,000원의 장학금, 왕복항공료 등 지급)의 지원을 받아 본 대학원에서 수학을 원하는 외국인 학생들은 2013. 3. 20()까지 본 대학원에 지원하실 수 있습니다(1차심사는 본 대학원에서, 1차 심사 합격자에 대한 2차 심사는 국립국제교육원에서 이루어집니다).

Also please note that those who want to study at the AKS with the financial support of the National Institute for International Education(NIIED) through its Global Korea Scholarship(GKS) program (including full tuition waiver, monthly allowance of KRW900,000 and round-trip airfare) are required to apply no later than Wednesday 20 March 2013. The first screening will be done by the AKS and the second by the NIIED.


위 두 종류의 모집 전형에 대한 국문 및 영문 모집요강을 첨부하오니 유능한 학생들이 한국을 공부할 수 있는 소중한 기회를 가질 수 있도록 널리 안내 부탁드립니다. 지원자들은 두 전형에 동시에 지원할 수 있으며, 이 경우 각 전형에서 요구하는 서류를 별도로 제출하여야 합니다.

If they like, applicants are allowed to apply for both of the above two recruitments, in which case they should submit required documents separately. Admissions guidelines(in Korean and in English) for the two recruitments are attached. It would be very much appreciated if you disseminate this information as widely as possible and encourage qualified students to apply so that they can enjoy the golden opportunity to study with us in one of the most beautiful, undiscovered and fascinating states in Asia.


문의사항 있으시면 언제든 연락주시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.


AKS Admissions Guide_2013 Fall (in English)
AKS Admissions Guide_2013 Fall (in Korean)
GKS-AKS Admissions Guide (in English)
GKS-AKS Admissions Guide (in Korean)


이나연 드림

Best wishes,

Nayeon Lee


International Student Advisor

Office of Academic & Student Affairs

The Graduate School of Korean Studies

The Academy of Korean Studies

323 Haogae-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si

Gyeonggi-do 463-791

Republic of Korea


Tel: +82-31-708-5310, +82-31-709-8111 (Ext. 214)

Fax: +82-31-709-9946


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