Everyday Emotions in Sixteenth Century Korea – a Reading of One Man’s Diary

Le 3 février 2016

Dans le cadre du cours de Pierre-Emmanuel Roux (Université Paris Diderot),

Kim Sunjoo

(Harvard-Yenching Professor of Korean History, Harvard University)
Professeure invitée à l’EHESS,

donne une conférence intitulée

 “Everyday Emotions in Sixteenth Century Korea—a Reading of One Man’s Diary

à la salle 574E, de 9h30 à 11h30

Grands Moulins, Université Paris Diderot, Paris 13e.


Yu Hŭi-ch’un (1513–77), a scholar-official of the mid-Chosŏn period, left an unusually rich diary for the last eleven years of his life. The diary provides an exceptional window into one man’s personal life, behaviors, feelings, and thoughts, enabling us to understand the time and space that he inhabited and to imagine sixteenth century culture and society a little bit closer to the reality. Based on a preliminary reading of this diary, I will attempt to reconstruct some aspects of Yu’s life, in particular Yu’s aspirations as an official and his emotional dealings over private as well as public matters. What made him feel joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hatred, and desire? And what did he do to make his life emotionally more enjoyable and livable? How does our new understanding of emotional landscape of a sixteenth-century male elite challenge our conventional knowledge of Korea’s past?

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