The Experience of “House” and “Home” in Colonial Korea

Le 24 mars 2017

Attention, cette séance aura lieu de 10h à 12h dans la Salle de Séminaire RdC

dans le cadre de séminaire pluridisciplinaire d’études coréennes

Hyaeweol Choi
(Australian National University, professeur invité de l’EHESS)

présente une conférence intitulée

« The Experience of “House” and “Home” in Colonial Korea»

22 avenue du président Wilson, 16e Paris.


In this presentation I trace the evolution of the idea and image of the “modern home” in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Korea with central focus on the role of the transpacific network. It focuses on the role that American Protestant missionaries, enlightenment-oriented social reformers and foreign-educated intellectuals played in fashioning the ideal home, which came to be reflected in images associated with the “missionary home,” the “home, sweet home” and “a doll’s house.”

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