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International Journal of Korean History Vol.17 No.2 (2012. 8)

1. The Korean through a Prism of the Soviet-Japanese Relations(1920-1930) / Zhanna G. Son, 1-28

2. Zainichi Chōsenjin and the Independence Movement in Everyday Life /Choi Jinseok, 29-46

3. “The August Incident” and the Destiny of the Yanan Faction / Jin Guangxi, 47-76


4. Global History and East Asia / Kwon Nae-hyun, Joseph Jeong-il Lee, 77-108

5. The Historical Recognition of Japanese Neo-Nationalism / Yi Gyu Soo, 109-131

6. An Analysis of the Autobiographies of the Massacre Victims” Bereaved Families in the Period of the Korean War / Kim, Moo Young, 133-157

Research Trends

7. Raising the Issue of ‘Modernity’ / Mitsui Takashi, 159-186

International Journal of Korean History Vol.17 No.1 (2012. 2)

1. The Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895) / Kyu Hyun Kim, 1-27

2. The Outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War and the Issue of Suzerain-Vassal as Viewed from the Standpoint of Chosŏn / Mori Mayuko, 29-65

3. Establishing the Rules of Engagement / Paul S. Cha, 67-107

4. The Political Nature of the Oriental Discourse of the Hwangsŏng sinmun / Kim Yun-hee, 109-140

5. The Korean National Defense Student Defense Corps and the Manufacturing of Warrior-type Students in Its Incipient Days / Chong-myong Im, 141-169

6. The Development of the Discussions on Unification during the Early Post-Cold War Era / Kim Ji-hyung, 171-205

7. Measures to Stimulate the Study of the Chosŏn Era Using Ancient Documents / Chon Kyoung-mok, 207-221

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