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The Review of Korean Studies Vol. 15 N. 1 (2012. 6)

In Memoriam

1. Kenneth H. J. Gardiner / 편집부, 7-12


2. An Introductory Study of the “Annals of Koguryŏ” in the Samguk Sagi / Kenneth H. J. Gardiner, 15-58

3. Goguryeo Buddhism / John Jorgensen, 59-107

4. From Liaodongese Refugee to Ming Loyalist / Adam Bohnet, 109-139

5. Doing Korean History Research Outside of Korea / Vladimir Tikhonov, 141-164

Materials on Korean Studies

6. Materials and Trends in the Study of Ancient Korean Wooden Slips / Jeon Deog-jae, 167-197

Book Reviews

7. Wŏnhyo’s Philosophy of Mind, edited by A. Charles Muller and Cuong T. Nguyen / Sumi Lee, 201-204

8. The Dokdo/Takeshima Controversy / John Olushola Magbadelo, 2012.6, 205-207


THE REVIEW OF KOREAN STUDIES Vol. 14 N. 4 (2011. 12)

Guest Editor’s Introduction 1. Guest Editor”s Introduction /Lim Chaisung, page(s): 7-15 Special Feature 2. The Wartime Economy in Imperial Japan and the Mobilization of Munitions in Its Colony /Joung An-Ki, page(s): 17-49 3. Changes in the Manufacturing Industry of Korea (1940-1949) /Huh Soo-Youl, page(s): 51-84 4. The Development of a Control Policy over the Coal Industry and the Management of the Coal Mining Industry in Wartime Colonial Korea /Lim Chaisung, page(s): 85-133 5. Changes in the Business Environment under the Wartime Control Economy and the Response of the Gyeongseong (Keijō) Electric Co. /Oh Jinseok, page(s): 135-183 6. Book Review /Roh...



The Origins of National Identity in North and South Korea 1. Guest Editor’s Introduction /Kwon Hee-young, page(s): 7-11 Special Feature 2. An Archeological Approach to the Birth of the Gungmin in the Republic of Korea /Kwon Hee-Young, page(s): 13-32 3. Syngman Rhee’s Vision and Reality /Lee Sang-Hoon, page(s): 33-60 4. Anticommunism and the National Identity of Korea in the Contemporary Era /Oh Il-Whan, page(s): 61-100 5. Identity Politics in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) /Chung Young-Soon, page(s): 101-120 Articles 6. Second-Generation Korean Americans and Electoral Politics /Dae Young Kim, page(s): 123-153 7. Tasks of Educational Policies for Overseas...



1. Guest Editor’s Introduction / Joo Eunwoo, page(s): 7-10 Special Feature 2. A Historical Imagination of a Neo-liberal Society /Joo Eunwoo, page(s): 11-38 3. Tamra, the Island / Miyojo Hwang, page(s): 39-57 4. The Historical Drama Queen Seondeok /Sohn Byung Woo, page(s): 59-89 5. Old Texts, New Desires /Ho Swee Lin, page(s): 91-113 Article 6. Shaking ‘the Symbolic’ and ‘Radical Heteronomy’ of Existence /Lee Do-yeon, page(s): 117-132 7. The Koreas By Charles K. Armstrong New York: Routledge, 2006, 224pp., $31.95, ISBN 978-0415948531 (paperback) /Mark Caprio, page(s): 135-139 Eun-joo Carrè-NaMore Posts – Website




1. Joseon in Color / Kim Seok-hee, page(s): 7-34

2. Joseon Kings’ Personal Belief in Buddhism and its Political Significance / Pu Nam Chul, page(s): 35-55

3. Education and Family in Korean Society / Yang Young-Kyun, page(s): 57-87

4. Education for Young North Korean Migrants / Lee Soo-Jung, page(s): 89-112


Materials on Korean Studies

5. The Korean Wave and Lao People’s Perception of Korea / Lee Yohan , Vilayphone Somsamone, page(s): 115-143


Book Reviews

6. Unyŏng-Jŏn: A Love Affair at the Royal Palace of Chosŏn Korea By Michael J. Pettid / Lim Jeongjee, page(s): 147-152

7. Sin yeoseong geundaiui gwaing (Excess of the Modern : The New Woman in Colonial Korea, 1920-1934) By Kim, Soojin / Jina E. Kim, page(s): 153-156


THE REVIEW OF KOREAN STUDIES Vol. 13 N. 4 (2010. 12)

1. Guest Editor’s Introduction / Jo Yoong-hee, page(s): 7-12


Memory and Representation of Baekdusan until the Early Twentieth Century

2. Travel to Baekdusan and its Significance during the Joseon Period / Shin Ik-cheol, page(s): 13-31

3. The Significance of Perceptions of Baekdusan in Baekdu-related Myths / Cho Hyun-soul, page(s): 33-52

4. Korean Intellectuals’ Perceptions of Baekdusan and the Historical Significance Thereof / Lee Hyungdae, page(s): 53-71

5. Changes in the Perception of Baekdusan during the Late Period of Joseon / Kwon Nae-hyun, page(s): 73-103

6. The People of Joseon’s Perception of Baekdusan Viewed through Geographical Materials / Jung Chi-Young, page(s): 105-132

7. Westerners’ Perceptions of Baekdusan until the Nineteenth Century : Focusing on Materials in English / Jo Yoong-hee, page(s): 133-149

8. Descriptions of the Baekdusan and the Surrounding Area in Russian and German Travel Accounts / Sonja Haeussler, page(s): 151-186

9. King Taejo’s Buddhist View and Statecraft in Tenth-Century Korea / Jongmyung Kim, page(s): 189-215




Confucianism and Modernity in Korea from an East Asian Perspective

1. Guest Editors’ Introduction / Kwon Hee Young, Chung Young-Soon, page(s): 7-11


Special Feature

2. From Sinocentrism to Civilization Discourse / Kwon Hee Young, page(s): 13-30

3. The Modernity of Nineteenth-Century Korean Confucianism / Sohn Yong-taek, page(s): 31-50

4. Nomadism and the Discovery of the Nation : The Case of Yun Chiho / Lee Sang-Hoon, page(s): 51-64

5. The Resurrection of Confucianism in North Korea / Chung Young-Soon, page(s): 65-85


Materials on Korean Studies

6. Sources for an Historical Demography of Korea : An Introduction / Park Heejin, Kim Duol, page(s): 89-113



7. Counterbalancing Egalitarian Benevolence / Lee Junghwan, page(s): 117-149

8. Effects of School Location on School Organizational Culture in Korea / Park Sam-Chul, page(s): 151-175


Book Reviews

9. Between Dreams and Reality: The Military Examination in Late Chosŏn Korea, 1600-1684 By Eugene Y. Park / Chung Hae Eun, page(s): 179-184

10. Gender and Mission Encounters in Korea: New Women, Old Ways By Hyaeweol Choi /Jennifer Jung-Kim, page(s): 185-190


THE REVIEW OF KOREAN STUDIES Volume 13 Number 2 (2010. 6)

Reflections on Teaching Korean History in English 1. Guest Editor’s Introduction /Lee Injae pp. 7~11 Special Feature 2. Globalization and Korean History Education in English in Korea /Lee Injae, Lee Hyunsook pp. 13~31 3. A Case Study on Teaching Korean History in English in Korea /Lee Hyunsook pp. 33~55 4. Insight into Korean History and Education /Noriko Sato pp. 57~75 5. Effective Use of Information on the Web for Korean History Courses Taught in English /Shin Myung-Ho pp. 77~94 6. Korean History Education in the United States /Kim Jeom Sook pp. 95~131 Materials on Korean Studies 7. New Directions for...


THE REVIEW OF KOREAN STUDIES Volume 13 Number 1 (Spring 2010)

1. Guest Editor’s Introduction /Shin Dongwon pp. 7~10 2. A Comparison of Korean and Japanese Scholars’ Attitudes toward Newtonian Science /Jun Yong Hoon pp. 11~36 3. Flourishing Yin and the Decline of the Universe /Park Kwon Soo pp. 37~57 4. Unchanging Beliefs of Neo-Confucian Natural Science of the Joseon Dynasty in the Early Nineteenth Century /Koo Mhan-ock pp. 59~89 5. Landscape and Historicity of Korean Science of the Early to Middle Nineteenth Century /Moon Joong-Yang pp. 91~119 6. The Recognition of Geomancy by Intellectuals during the Joseon Period /Oh Sang-Hak pp. 121~147 7. The Characteristics of Joseon Medicine /Shin Dongwon...


THE REVIEW OF KOREAN STUDIES Vol. 12 N. 4 (2009. 12)

Narratives of Working-class Women in South Korea 1. Guest Editors’ Introduction / 편집부 편 pp. 7~11 2. Narratives of Women Workers in South Korea’s Minju Union Movement of the 1970s / Hwasook Nam 저 pp. 13~36 3. “Indifference to Sexual Love”? / Seung-Hee Jeon 저 pp. 37~55 4. Ambiguous Agency and Change / Ayami Noritake 저 pp. 57~86 5. Life and Work of Korean War Widows during the 1950s / Kim Hyun Sun 저 pp. 87~109 6. Memories of Migrant Labor / Kim Won 저 pp. 111~151 Articles 7. The Collapse of the Flying Geese Development Model / Phillip H....


The Review of Korean Studies Vol.12, No.3

◈ Guest Editor’s Introduction “Coming to Terms with the Past”:Re-remembering the Era of Park Chung H / Namhee Lee◈ The Ruling Discourse and Mass Politics of the Park Chung Hee Regime / Hwang Byeong-ju◈ The Theory of Mass Dictatorship: A Re-examination of the Park Chung Hee Period / Namhee Lee◈ The April 19th Generation and the Start of Postcolonial History in South Korea / Charles R. Kim◈ Korea’s Vietnam: Popular Culture, Patriarchy, Intertextuality / Youngju Ryu◈ Using the Enemy’s Vocabularies: Rethinking the Origins of Student / Jungmin Seo◈ Eastern Barbarian Consciousness in Research on Manchu Origins / Song Jhune Hyueck◈...


The Review of Korean Studies Vol.12, No.2

◈ [Guest Editor’s Introduction]Recent Approaches in Korean Archaeology / Kim Jong-Il◈ Techno-Chronological Reassessment of Palaeolithic Assemblages in the Imjin-Hantan River Area, Korea: New Data and New Considerations / Yoo Yongwook◈ Comparison of the Periodization Methodologies of the Korean Bronze Age and the Japanese Yayoi Period / Yi Kisung◈ Where It Goes? Social Complexity and Political Economy in the Middle Bronze Age, Central-western Korea / Kim Bumcheol◈ New Perspectives in the Study of Production and Exchange in Korean Archaeology / Cho Daeyoun◈ New Perspectives in Korean Funerary Archaeology / Ko Ilhong◈ [Articles]A Soft Power Approach to the “Korean Wave” / Lee...


The Review of Korean Studies Vol.12, No.1

◈ [Guest Editor’s Introduction]Narratives of the Korean War in Textbooks / Lee Wan Bom◈ Conflicting Images and Lost Perspectives:Narratives on the Korean War in American Textbooks / Wonsuk Chang◈ Narratives of the Korean War in Chinese High School History Textbooks / Ahn Ji-Young◈ Perspectives on the Korean War in Japanese High School Textbooks:Research Trends of Japanese Academia and their Reflection in the Textbooks / Park So Young◈ The Korean War in European Social Studies Textbooks / Jeong Jae Yun◈ History Textbooks of Transitional States in Central Asia:Comparison of Kazakh and Uzbek Perspectives of Contemporary Korean History / Lee Wan Bom◈...


The Review of Korean Studies Vol.11, No.4

◈ [Editor’s Introduction]New Women, Marriage and Family in Colonial Korea / Kim Keong-il◈ The New Woman and New-Style Weddings in Colonial Korea / Jennifer Jung-Kim◈ Debates about ‘A Good Wife and Wise Mother’ and Tradition in Colonial Korea / Hong Yang-hee◈ Alternative Forms of Marriage and Family in Colonial Korea / Kim Keong-il◈ Missing Partners: Single Motherhood in Korean Literature and Film of the Japanese Colonial Period / Jina E. Kim◈ Historical Places of the Colonial Period through the Eyes of a Female Traveler / Woo Mi-yeong◈ [Articles]The Miasma Epidemic of 1018 and the Medical Policies of the Goryeo Dynasty...


The Review of Korean Studies Vol.11 ; No.3

◈ [Guest Editor’s Introduction]Changes in Modern Korean Society and the Influence of International Relations / Seo Ho-chul◈ Trope of a Sovereign State: Treaty-Making by Korea from 1876-1899 / Lee Keun-Gwan◈ The Process of the Metric System’s Acceptance in Korea and Its International Context / Seo Ho-chul◈ International Human Rights Regime and Domestic Politics in South Korea: An Analysis of the Human Rights Agenda between 1948-1960 / Lee Jeong-eun◈ Bringing International Anti-Landmine Norms to Domestic Politics: Korea Campaign to Ban Landmines as an Effective Intermediary / Jo Dong-Joon◈ [Articles1]A Study of Nature and the Way in the Poetry of Kim Si-seup...


The Review of Korean Studies Vol.11 ; No.2

◈ [articles]Analysis of the Astronomical System of Constellations in Korguryo Tomb Murals / Kim Il-gwon◈ [articles]Confucian Burial Practices in the Late Goryeo and Early Joseon Periods / Charlotte Holyck◈ [articles]National Narratives and Archaeology: Thoughts on Koreaness and Hellenism / George Manginis◈ [articles]From Nature to Morality in Emerson and Yi Hwang’s Literature / Shin YeonWoo◈ [articles]Characteristics of Feminine Writing in 1990s Korean Women’s Novels:Women’s Autobiographical and Confessional Writing / Jung Suk Yoo◈ [articles]Linguistic Imperialism and the English-learning Boom in Korea:A Case Analysis of Weekend Korean Schools in the U.S. / Hyu-Yong Park◈ [Materials on Korean Studies]Royal Genealogical Records of the Joseon...


The Review of Korean Studies Vol.11 ; No.1 (2008)

◈ [Guest Editor’s Introduction] The Western Learning Shown in the Records of Envoys Traveling to Beijing in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century / Shin Ik-Cheol◈ Korean Embassy Trips Around the World and an Understanding of Global Civilization During the Enlightenment Period (1894-1910): Haecheon chubeom, Sagu sokcho and Seosarok / Lee Hyung-dae◈ Joseon and Her People Shown in the Travel Report of Campbell in the Late 19th Century / Jo Yoong-hee◈ [Interview] Edward J. Baker / Park Tae-Gyun◈ [Articles 1] “North Koreans” and Other Virtual Subjects: Kim Yeong-ha, Hwang Seok-yeong, and National Division in the Age of Posthumanism /...


The Review of Korean Studies Vol.10 ; No.4 (2007)

◈ [Introduction] Continuity and Discontinuity in Korean Industry:Micro Economic Historical Analysis, 1945-61 / Sun Jae-Won◈ Evolution of Aid-depending Economy and Search for Self-sustaining Economy / Choi Sang-oh◈ Building of Human Resources and the Introduction of Technology / Sun Jae-Won◈ Reconstruction and Engineers on Cotton Textile Industry in Korea / Seo MoonSeok◈ Progress of Planned Shipbuilding and Trial of Shipbuilding Industry Promotion / Bae Sukman◈ The Emergence of Private Coal Mines and DHCC’s Management Stabilization in the 1950s / Lim Chaisung◈ [Materials] Korean Genealogy (Jokbo) Histories and Changes by Periods: Based on the Printing Culture / Ok Young Jung◈ Descriptions of...


The Review of Korean Studies Vol.10 ; No.3 (2007)

◈ [Guest Editor’s Introduction] A Philosophical Inquiry of Family in Korean Culture1 / Kim Heisook◈ The Meaning of ‘Filial Piety’ and Ethics of Care in the Korean Family / Kim Seseoria◈ The Family Culture in Korean Narrative Literature: Focusing on ‘Maternity vs. Anti-Maternity’ / Kang Jin-ok◈ Individuals in Family and Marriage Relations in Confucian Context / Kim Heisook◈ Family Relation and the Philosophy of Emotion / Kim Hyu-ryun◈ Family as a Philosophical Issue from a Japanese Perspective / Sakiko Kitagawa◈ [Articles] A Korean Shaman and a Catholic Bishop: Two Cognitive Narrative Frameworks for Making Sense of Life / Unsok Pek◈...


The Review of Korean Studies Vol.10 ; No.2

◈Guest Editor’s Introduction / Guest Editor’s Introduction ◈A Comparative Analysis of the Changes in the Values and Attitudes Toward Gender Equality and Gender Roles in Korea / Eun Ki-Soo ◈The New Political Culture and Political Participation: A Cross-National and Cross-Civilization Assessment / Chung Chulhee ◈A Comparative Analysis of Democratic Consolidations After the Third Wave of Democratization / Kim Byeong Jo ◈Characteristics of the Work-Leisure Relations in Korea / Jo Dong-Gi ◈[Articles] Byeon Yeongman: Colonial Korea’s Alternative Modernity? / Vladimir Tikhonov (Pak Noja) ◈[Articles] The Varieties of Women’s Wage Work in Colonial Korea / Janice C. H. Kim ◈[Articles] ROK-U.S. Military...


The Review of Korean Studies Vol.10 ; No.1

◈Guest Editor’s Introduction / 김종명 ◈Buddhist Daily Rituals in Korea: Their Structure and Meaning / 김종명 ◈The Religion of the Heavenly Way’s Sunday Service in Korea: Its Meaning and / 고병철 ◈The Structure and Characteristics of Sunday Worship in Korean Protestant / 박상원 ◈The Errors in Korea’s Constitution and Liberal Constitutionalism / 민경국 ◈The Inflow of Western Knowledge and the Process of Internalization:Comparison of The Grass Roof and Der Yalu Fliesst / 임선애 ◈Korea: A Hermit Nation? / Edward ◈Dongasia godaeui yeoseong sasang: Yeoseong juuiro bon Yugyo / 박진영 ◈Landlords, Peasants and Intellectuals in Modern Korea / 김기승 ◈Towards Korean...


The Review of Korean Studies vol. 9 n. 4

◈The Relationship between Joseon Envoys and Western Missionaries in Beijing in the Early 18th Century: Focusing on Lee Gi-ji’s Iramyeon-gi / Yoo Mi-rim ◈Too Rational To Be Modernized? Confucian Rationality and Political Modernity in Traditional Korea / Kim Sung-moon ◈The Experience of Visiting Catholic Churches in Beijing and the Recognition of Western Learning Reflected in the Journals of Travel to Beijing / Shin Ik-Cheol ◈Hong Dae-yong’s Beijing Travels and His Changing Perception of the West?Focusing on Eulbyeong yeonhaengnok and Uisan mundap / Lee Hyung-dae ◈The Perception of the West in Yeonhaeng gasa in the 18th and 19th Century / Yu...


The Review of Korean Studies vol. 9 n. 3

◈King Sejong’s Leadership and the Politics of Inventing the Korean Alphabet / Yoo Mi-rim ◈Re-Thinking “Independence” of Science and Technology during King Sejong’s Reign / Moon Joong-Yang ◈The Role of King Sejong in Establishing the Confucian Ritual Code / Kang Sook Ja ◈King Sejong’s Confucian Rule by Law: Focusing on the relationship between law and rule by benevolence / Park Young-Do ◈Royal Education of Princes in the Reign of King Sejong / Jung Jae-Hoon ◈The Aggressive National Defense Posture Taken during the Reign of King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty / Lee Jee Kyoung ◈The Digitized Tripitaka Koreana 2004: Benefits...

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